Keeping the floors of your commercial building clean is vital to retain the respect of your clients and the moral of your staff. Though you may not realize floors are a main factor in how people perceive a room. Commercial floor cleaning is a must in order to maintain adequate hygiene and style.

What you Need to Know About Commercial Floor Cleaning

What will commercial floor cleaning services provide?

Commercial floor cleaning services will strip and wax your floors for you. This is a somewhat complex process. Here is a rundown on the different stages.

To ensure safety, the first thing is the posting of signs to indicate which areas are being worked on to prevent anyone slipping on wet or slick surfaces. Once these are in place the floor should be thoroughly swept to remove dust and foreign objects. After a sweeping the floor will be mopped to remove any sticky substances or dirt. How long these initial procedures take will depend on the size of the room and the condition of the floor.

Once the floor has been mopped, the commercial full cleaning process will begin in earnest. For the next stage the floor cleaner will mix the floor stripper in a bucket with cold water. When the stripper has been diluted I will be spread over the floor’s surface with a mop and allowed to soak into the floor. This will usually take around ten minutes though it should not be allowed to dry into the floor.

Next a floor machine with a stripping pad will be run over the surface of the floor. The cleaner will move the machine in small circular movements to enhance the stripping process. All areas of the floor should be agitated. After this procedure has been completed no stripper should remain on the floor. If there are patches remaining, the agitator should be run again. Then polish will be applied with a machine that buffs and shines the floor leaving is gleaming and looking like new.

This type of commercial floor cleaning is suitable for;

  • Stores
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Airports
  • Offices
  • Apartment buildings
  • Churches and houses of faith
  • Hospitals

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